These Violent Delights

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Tristan and Isolde was one of those movies that defined a generation. 20 years later, as the studio plans a re-release of the film, the actress who played Isolde realizes how many members of the cast and crew have died or disappeared. Can the killer be stopped before the reunion--or will the rest of the cast face a similar fate?

"This delicious confection from veteran thriller writer Linnéa (Chasing Eden) oozes romantic suspense. Movie buffs will enjoy the backstory and romance readers the tangled romantic web. To boot, there are plenty of red herrings and creepy suspects for mystery fans. Darken the lights, bring out the popcorn, and enjoy."--Library Journal

"The forthcoming 20th anniversary reunion of the cast of the classic film Tristan and Isolde in the U.K. provides the backdrop for Linnéa’s extravagantly romantic first in a new movie mystery series...Skillfully interwoven flashbacks detail the filming and the professional and personal jealousies as well as emotional entanglements that roiled the cast." --Publisher's Weekly

"Linnea branches out with a new Movie Mystery series. Flashing between the past and present, the story charts events and relationship dramas that surrounded the filming of the movie Tristan and Isolde, some of which have lead to murder. Great characterization and twisty surprises add up to an excellent mystery. For Anastasia Day Huntington, the widowed Duchess of Esmonde, the upcoming re-release of her debut film, Tristan and Isolde, is a bittersweet reminder of things lost. However, upon learning of the sudden death of a friend and former crew member, Anastasia suddenly realizes the number of those associated with the film who have met untimely deaths is frighteningly high. Could some of these deaths actually have been murders? Concerned and fighting agoraphobia, Anastasia reaches out to an old friend, screenwriter Bruce Amerman. When Bruce accepts her premise regarding the deaths, they must figure out the killer’s identity before the gala reunion!" --Romantic Times Book Reivew

"Linnea delivers a romantic suspense novel in which the fatal triangle that ensnared Tristan, Isolde and King Mark is reflected in that which ensnare the three movie stars, making the two tragedies seem equally inevitable." --Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

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