What They've Said:

The Hero Principles
"When Sharon Linnea spoke to our group, every member of the audience was spellbound. We all wished she could have spoken twice as long!"
---B'Nai Brith of Pennsylvania

"Our board met last week and all present agreed that Sharon Linnea's presentation was our outstanding program of the year."
---Harold Englund, ASF, Carmel, California

What a fabulous speaker Ms. Linnea is! She captivated our audience and left everyone deeply inspired."
---Nancy Margolis, JCC, Ann Arbor, Michigan

"I've never seen teenagers respond to any speaker the way they responded to Ms. Linnea. One boy who never listens even took off his headset!"
---High school principal, Washington, DC


April 2017 Sharing writing secrets with the young men of San Miguel's Academy in Newburgh, NY

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Sharon is an exciting professional speaker. She specializes in inspiring her audience and giving them hands-on tools for becoming "the hero of your own life." She also enjoys sharing her knowledge with writers' conferences across the country.

Over the years, she has delivered a range of talks and seminars, tailored especially for each engagement. She specializes in:
Civic Groups * Writer's Conferences * Women's Groups * Corporate Training * Retreat Weekends * Professional Associations * Schools * Libraries * Jewish organizations * Churches * Scandinavian Groups * Hawaiian Interest Groups + many more

Selected Upcoming Speaking Events
of Sharon's which are Open to the Public

International Spies and Private Eyes:
The Thrill of Stopping the Bad Guys and Saving the World

Florida Public Library
4 Cohen Circle, Florida, NY 10921

Positioning Yourself in the Current Market
Writing, Selling & Marketing for Authors
Tappan Free Library
Tappan, New Jersey

Here are some of her most popular subjects:

•Positioning Yourself in the Current Market

The publishing industry is in a time of enormous change. What does it take to position your writing in the current market to 1) attract an agent (if you decide you need one); 2) attract a publisher (if you decide you need one); and 3) get your work in front of the eyes of the reading public (which you do need to do!) How can position your work for greatest effect?

And how about marketing? How big of a part should social marketing play? Should you do a book tour? Pay to produce a book trailer? What should you expect from your publisher, and what should you plan to do yourself? Does it pay to hire a publicist?

Sharon Linnéa has worked for two independent publishers as well as one of the Big Six. Her Eden Thrillers (Chasing Eden, Beyond Eden and Treasure of Eden) were first published by St. Martin’s Press, and subsequently published as eBooks and in trade paper by an independent publisher. She has also published nonfiction with three major independent houses. Her new murder mystery (These Violent Delights) is coming out from Arundel Publishing, a company created by publishing professionals specifically to take advantage of changes in the marketplace. She will outline the decisions authors must make in this day and age, and will answer your questions about getting published, getting paid and getting read!

•Chicken Soup from the Soul of Hawai'i
The Perfect Hawaiian Vacation in Two Hours!

Doesn't your entire group deserve a wonderful trip to the Islands? Wouldn't you like to be the one to give it to them?

The warmth, the humor, the wisdom, the aloha of Hawai'i will enchant your group and leave everyone recharged, refreshed, and ready to reach for their dreams in these difficult days. One of Sharon's most enjoyed talks ever; many audience members swear they've felt the trade winds in their hair. The subtitle of the book is "Stories of Aloha to Create Paradise Wherever You Are" --and this is an hour in which you'll do just that.

But wait! For a total tropical experience that will be talked about for decades, Sharon will bring authentic, professional Hawaiian hula dancers--you can even choose a fire knife dancer!

Be completely energized by aloha, without the jet lag!

•Chicken Soup for Your Soul

The talk that is prepared expressly for your group! Whether you need a speaker for a business group, a service organization, a church group, school or women's group, this funny, moving and deeply inspiring talk will give your members a meeting they'll never forget.

Sharon has not only written and edited stories for many Chicken Soup books, she has met the people who have lived the stories and changed their lives. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll leave ready to change your own life for the better. Guaranteed!

•The Hero Principles

What is it that makes an ordinary person into a hero? What causes a Yugoslavian girl to spend her life bringing hope to the destitute of Calcutta, a Jewish photographer to fight his way into a Nazi deportation to pull people off cattle cars, a modern suburban teenager to travel the world fighting child labor, or a housewife to name and bury anonymous “dumpster babies”?

How is it that some people can take on an unfair job practice, a schoolyard or community bully, or a difficult family situation with courage and humor while most of us mutter on the sidelines?

In other words, why do some people live lives of purpose, of challenge and joy, while many others, by all appearances in the very same circumstances, settle for drab days of routine?

Do those living lives of purpose have a secret? The answer is, yes, they do! And in this talk or seminar, Sharon shares them in an accessible way that will help you make simple choices every day to become "the hero of your own life."

•Turn Your Life into Inspiration for Fun and Profit

True-life inspirational stories have become today’s hottest freelance market. From magazines (O, Guideposts, Spirituality & Health) to books (Chicken Soup and Who Moved My Cheese?) to websites (Beliefnet, Heartwarmers) the market for people who can turn their life experiences into factual, inspirational how-to’s is insatiable.

Learn the seven secret steps to unlocking your own storehouse of wisdom—and how to sell it!—from the professional the editors turn to for the stories they need. Whether you want to learn concrete ways to turn your life—and the lives of those around you—into helpful, profitable stories and articles, or just learn to see your life’s experiences in new, positive ways, this seminar will leave you juiced and raring to go.

•For Writers:

Some popular topics for Writers' Conferences:

Turn Your Life Into Inspiration
Writing the Great Screenplay
Creating Unforgettable Characters
Writing to Sell
Positioning Yourself in the Current Market
Catching an Editor's Eye
Building a Writing Career
Secrets of the Writing Life

•For Women:

The Hero Principles for Women
The Stories of Your Life
The Writer Within
Finding Your Voice
Authoring Your Life
A Room of Your Own +
Creating Your Village
Guilt-Free Parenting
Wisdom of Hawai'i

Selected Works
Click any title for more information!

Action Adventure for ages 12 and up!
A thrilling read about a teenage agent for a secret organization that quietly does good in the world. Fast-paced and exciting, it also promotes non-violence and respect for all. But read it just for fun!
New Mystery!
Making movies can be murder...
A Treasure Hunt You'll Never Forget!
Join Jaime and Yani as the ultimate treasure hunt takes them from Iraq to Davos, Switzerland to the Qumran on the trail of the Treasure of Eden...
The First of the Eden Thrillers
A modern day thriller with a female protagonist, encompassing real-life stolen artifacts, ancient ruins, and a race to find the site of the original Garden of Eden.
A Thrill-Packed Sequel to Chasing Eden
Jaime Richards Returns in the much anticipated sequel to Chasing Eden
All the Best of Hawaii in a book!
You'll buy a plane ticket before you get halfway through!
The unforgettable story of Hawaii's courageous last princess who died of a broken heart at age 23.
The young architect who saved 100,000 lives. "One of the definitive biographies of the Holocaust." --Museum of Tolerence
Recent Non-Fiction
A fascinating look at the history behind trees loved by famous Americans from Amelia Earhart and Mark Twain to George Washington and Elvis Presley.