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Now You Tell Me! Series

We're thrilled to have new readers for the Eden books, and to check in with returning "Gardeners!"

I'm very happy to let our readers know that, besides being an eBook, there will be a lovely, hardback keepsake compendium edition of all three Eden books that will be out within the year.

If you're at all interested in knowing more about it, please let me know at Sharon@SharonLinnea.com, or through the contact info at EdenThrillers.com

It's the middle of the night, so I'll sign off now, but let us hear from you, either about the Eden books, or any other of my books. I'd enjoy meeting you, electronically, at least.

To keep up with info from Eden, as well as my other books, please subscribe to my newsletter. I promise it only comes out once a month (or less!)



Selected Works
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Action Adventure for ages 12 and up!
A thrilling read about a teenage agent for a secret organization that quietly does good in the world. Fast-paced and exciting, it also promotes non-violence and respect for all. But read it just for fun!
New Mystery!
Making movies can be murder...
A Treasure Hunt You'll Never Forget!
Join Jaime and Yani as the ultimate treasure hunt takes them from Iraq to Davos, Switzerland to the Qumran on the trail of the Treasure of Eden...
The First of the Eden Thrillers
A modern day thriller with a female protagonist, encompassing real-life stolen artifacts, ancient ruins, and a race to find the site of the original Garden of Eden.
A Thrill-Packed Sequel to Chasing Eden
Jaime Richards Returns in the much anticipated sequel to Chasing Eden
All the Best of Hawaii in a book!
You'll buy a plane ticket before you get halfway through!
The unforgettable story of Hawaii's courageous last princess who died of a broken heart at age 23.
The young architect who saved 100,000 lives. "One of the definitive biographies of the Holocaust." --Museum of Tolerence
Recent Non-Fiction
A fascinating look at the history behind trees loved by famous Americans from Amelia Earhart and Mark Twain to George Washington and Elvis Presley.