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Death in Tranquility

Death in Tranquility, the first of the Bartender's Guide to Murder

No one talks to the cops. Everyone talks to the bartender. And Avalon Nash is one hell of a bartender.

Avalon is on the run from her life in Los Angeles. Having a drink while waiting to change trains in the former Olympic town of Tranquility, New York, she discovers the freshly murdered bartender at MacTavish's. A bartender herself, she's offered the position with the warning he wasn't the first MacTavish's bartender to meet a violent end.

Avalon's superpower is collecting people's stories, and she's soon embroiled in the lives of artists, politicians, ghost hunters and descendants of Old Hollywood.


Can Avalon outrun the ghosts of her past, catch the ghosts of Tranquility's past and outsmart a murderer?

The first book in the Bartender's Guide to Murder series offers chills, laughs, and 30 of the best drink recipes ever imbibed.


"A shot of classic noir, a half-ounce of modern flair, and several dashes of bitters round out this intoxicating literary cocktail. Linnéa's characters as so real they feel like they're sitting at the bar right next to you. BARTENDER'S GUIDE TO MURDER: DEATH IN TRANQUILITY is the first in a series that fans of both modern and vintage crime alike will not want to miss!"--NYT Bestselling Author Tosca Lee


Praise for Sharon Linnéa"This delicious confection from veteran thriller writer Sharon Linnéa (Chasing Eden) oozes romantic suspense. To boot, there are plenty of red herrings and creepy suspects for mystery fans. Darken the lights, bring out the popcorn, and enjoy." --Library Journal


"Drinks, ghosts and murder make for a spellbinding mystery I couldn't put down. The bonus? A menu of delicious craft cocktails too tempting to pass up." --Cathi Stoler, award-winning author of the Murder on the Rocks series


"Death in Tranquility by Sharon Linnea was a fun book to read.I am not a drinker, but I love that this book gives you a drink recipe in between every chapter.  This is the first book that I have read by this author, and I fell in love with her writing.  One of the reasons is that even though this is a mystery, it wasn't super intense.  Right now, I am finding that I am leaning away from super intense books and reaching for books like this one.  I spent most of this book smiling as I was reading because of the stuff that happened throughout the book.  If you are looking for a mystery book to read that isn't intense, I recommend that you pick up a copy of this book.  I also can't wait to read the next book because I love the author.--Margaret, TheWorldAsISeeItBlogandDesigns.com




Death in Tranquility is set in a fictionalized version of Lake Placid, New York. 




"DEATH IN TRANQUILITY is a dynamic start to a new series. Multifaceted characters, a compelling mystery, and delicious cocktails make this a top shelf read." --NetGalley Review


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